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  • RT @FF_XIV_EN: Presenting the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers teaser trailer! Embrace the darkness early summer 2019! #FFXIV https://t.c… 16/Nov/2018 19:50:09
  • RT @SQEXCollective: In case you missed it, Forgotton Anne is available on the platforms below 👇 ✨ Steam: https://t.co/DfzlQpGETT ✨ PS4: h… 15/Nov/2018 15:21:33
  • RT @LeftAliveGame: This is war. Follow Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid as they weave through the warzone of Novo Slava in harrowing storylines an… 14/Nov/2018 15:31:21
  • RT @playboundless: We're super excited to be able to share our plans for Boundless moving forward. With some great features on the horizon,… 13/Nov/2018 11:42:49
  • RT @SQEXCollective: Seamless cinematic adventure game Forgotton Anne is now available on Nintendo Switch! Pick it up today to save 10% ht… 09/Nov/2018 14:02:32
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